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Wednesday, May 08, 2013
May Birthstone - Emerald
Emerald, the birthstone most recognized for May, holds a special place in the hearts of many designers. It has been a favorite gem faceted to a wide array of jewelry including rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Not only is emerald jewelry becoming a hot trend on red carpets, but it is also gaining popularity for one's bridal collection. The earthy gem can now be spotted as a center stone for engagement rings and it’s even more flattering with diamond accents.

Even if you choose a traditional diamond center piece for your ring, emeralds provide a refreshing pop of color as side stones.

Emeralds are associated with 20th, 35th,and 55th wedding anniversaries and can look amazing paired with the precious metal of your choice: white or yellow gold, platinum, palladium, or even sterling silver.

A valuable gem of a rich green, emerald is another species of the mineral beryl and is among the most prized stones in the gem trade. In its finest form, emerald is extremely rare and can be more valuable than fine diamonds of similar size.

Emerald has been highly regarded for its saturation and intense color which can occur in shades ranging from yellow-green to blue-green. Although green is the primary hue, some crystals may exhibit tinges of yellow and blue as secondary hues. Just with as some other gems, the deeper and brighter an emerald's color, the more it is alluring to its wearer.

What makes emerald even more interesting other than the color is its unique inclusion. Natural emeralds are often included and a fine set of inclusions such as feathers, bubbles and fissures could be of great advantage. Since they have grown naturally in the crystal, gem experts do not regard them in a certain way as “flaws”.

In fact, deep green emeralds containing a few of these inclusions have a higher value than an eye clean pale emerald. These internal markings are usually referred to as "jardin" from the French word for garden. No two emeralds are identical for these tree-like inclusions have unique forms, scenes, and patterns that could resemble various images from nature.

Although gemologists look at them as distinct characteristics, some consumers still prefer the eye clean or flawless stones. Under the circumstances, nearly all emeralds with heavy inclusions and surface breaking fissures are treated with oil to enhance their clarity and appearance. Given that it is a largely acceptable procedure, it's rather safe to assume that all commercial emeralds are oiled.

Colombia remains the top producer of commercial emeralds followed by Zambia. But other deposits can also be mined in Australia, United States, Germany, Cambodia, Canada and Brazil.

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