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Wednesday, June 05, 2013
June Birthstone - Pearl
June Birthstone - Pearl Cultured Pearl and Diamond Pendant-81
Cultured Pearl
and Diamond Pendant
The traditional gem of June, pearl, has been a prized possession for women for centuries. Its name is likely derived from the French word perle which in turn is from perna the Latin for "leg." This is possibly due to the shape of the stone resembling the leg-shaped bivalve.

An Asian myth suggests that pearls were dewdrops of moon that fell into the sea and swallowed by the shellfish.

Scientifically, pearls may be both natural and human made.

Naturally, a pearl is created when an irritant such as sand lodges itself inside the oyster, the mollusk secretes the substance nacre. This accounts for the pearl's lustor. Continual secretion creates a pearl and within several years, the pearl is large enough to be used in jewelry craft.

Despite of its fascinating origin, natural pearls with perfect symmetry are very rare in nature. For that reason, nearly all commercially produced pearls are cultured.

Cultured pearls are created with human aid. Rather than waiting for a foreign particle to enter the mollusk, a skilled technician inserts a bead inside the gonad of the recipient oyster. After that surgical implantation, the process of nacre secretion remains the same as the ones that are naturally produced. There are many types of cultured pearls in the market today like the popular Akoya, South Sea, Tahiti, and Japanese Lake Biwa cultured pearls.

Pearls are classified according to GIA’s seven value factors which consist of the size, shape, color, luster, surface and matching. The most desirable pearls feature excellent luster which means they have to display bright and sharp reflections.

While pearl has long been associated with white or cream color, it also occurs in a broad range of hues including orange, gray, pink, green, blue, black, yellow, and violet. With such variation, it comes to no surprise why pearls are a great gem for all kinds of jewelry.

June Birthstone - Pearl
Oval Freshwater Pearl Pendant
with Diamonds
You can easily find an elegant collection of pearl jewelry from a pair of stud or drop earrings, to bead necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants as well. Not only they are available in nearly all colors, but they may also come in all different sizes and can be molded into shape.

In terms of durability, pearls are quite a fragile gem with a rating of 2.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Make sure not to expose them to harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners. Just as important in pearl jewelry care is gentle routine cleaning with warm soapy water and wipe them with lint-free cloth.

Pearl, so captivating and beautiful, is perhaps one of the most amazing gifts that can be offered to your loved ones. It makes a wonderful gift for moms on their special days like birthday and Mother’s day. Moreover, a fine pearl jewelry could be a perfect token of love that is given on the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries.

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