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Monday, July 01, 2013
A Ruby Birthstone is an Ideal Gift
The July birthstone, the Ruby, is believed to stir up the imagination of anyone who wears it. Rubies are amongst the most highly-valued of gemstones. Did you know that large rubies are harder to find than large sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds? As a result, the value of rubies enhance with size more so than any other precious stone. In our store, we offer rubies that reveal their stunning physical characteristics. It is said that every ruby is engendered with metaphysical properties such as courage, devotion, integrity, assurance, and vivacity.

According to the world of gem therapy, our bodies are composed of seven colors, and red is one of the prime hues associated with blood and vigor. A deficiency of this color in the body is believed to manifest as various diseases such as inflammation, anemia, fever, weakness, and loss of joie de vivre. In fact, gem therapists claim that wearing a ruby infuses red-rays into the body of the wearer, assisting with detoxifying the body, lymph nodes, and blood. In addition, the ruby is used to increase energy, bounteousness, to attract prosperity and success, and instill positive thoughts.

Here are a few facts about the Ruby birthstone we thought you might find intriguing:

-The Ruby birthstone is found in India, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, and Burma.
-The word "Ruby" originates from the Latin idiom "ruber," meaning "red," a reflection of the stone's color.
-The Ruby is a part of the aluminum oxide or Corundum family.
-The crystal configuration of the Ruby is hexagonal, triangular.
-Rubies are exceptionally hard, only diamonds are harder.

A Brief History of Birthstones

Various traditions of birthstones have developed with time in countless cultures. The most commonly referenced are the Traditional, Mystical, Ayurvedic, and Modern system. Every one of these differing systems allocates a distinctive birthstone to each month.

What is so astonishing about the month of July is that all the aforementioned traditions ascribe the identical stone, the ruby, to this month. Even though a ruby's color varies from orange-red to purplish-red, the unadulterated variety of this stunning stone is the most desired. The blistering radiance of this superb gem was thought to be due to an "internal flame" that burns for eternity.

Ruby Birthstone Jewelry is perfect for Gifts of Love and Commitment

We understand how birthstone jewelry can be an ideal means of expressing one's love and fondness for family and friends. For instance, ruby jewelry is vastly admired as an engagement or wedding anniversary present because of its semblance for love and passion.

Rubies are also a much sought after gift for 40th wedding anniversaries. Some common uses for Rubies in jewelry are earrings, brooches, ruby rings, pendants, cufflinks, bracelets, and necklaces.

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