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Sunday, September 01, 2013
The Sapphire September Birthstone
The Sapphire September Birthstone
Sapphire and Diamond Pendant
The Sapphire is the September birthstone. It is another variety of the corundum mineral. This mineral can be found in just about every color of the rainbow. The red is the ruby and all other shades are sapphires with the rich deep blue color sapphire considered the most valuable. Mining for these gems began as early as the 7th century BC in the area of Sri Lanka, India. Today you can find sapphires in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and the United States.

Although large Sapphires remain very rare, the Star of India, weighing 563 carats can be seen in the American Museum of Natural History. The sapphire September birthstone is cut in such a way that it will reflect light from inclusions within the gem. This method will reveal a bright six-legged star pattern, of which the Star of India is the most famous and largest of the star sapphires. In the past these stones were used to protect one from poisoning and envy. It was commonly believed that you could kill a venomous snake by placing it with a sapphire. Sapphires were also ground into powder for medicinal use. The powder form was used as a treatment to strengthen eyesight, cure mental illness, rheumatism and colic.

The sapphire September birthstone which is deep blue in color reminds one of a cloudless and clear night sky. The world was positioned on an enormous sapphire and the reflection of this caused the sky to be blue, was the belief of Ancient civilizations. It is also said that the ten commandments were in fact inscribed on tablets that had been made of sapphire. These legends and beliefs ensure that a royal position among gemstones is held by the sapphire. Prince Charles chose the sapphire for the engagement ring of his then fiancée, Princess Diana. Sapphires have always been prominent among the British Crown Jewels.

The name sapphire is rooted in a number of the ancient languages. It is derived from the Greek word sappheiros taken from the island of Sappherine located in the Arabian Sea. This island is known for producing sapphires in ancient Grecian times. It is also from the Latin sapphirus, which means blue, and the Arabic word safir. The sapphire is a quality durable gemstone that is perfect for jewelry settings, second only to a diamond with regard to hardness. Giving a sapphire as a gift is representative of faithfulness and sincerity. This brilliantly colored gemstone is believed to be nourishment for the soul and a heavenly choice to make.

Sapphire Jewelry Showcase

Multi-colored Sapphire Bracelet
The Sapphire September Birthstone Multi-colored-Sapphire-Bracelet-86

Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
The Sapphire September Birthstone Sapphire-and-Diamond-Bracelet-91

Multi Colored Sapphire and Diamond Ring
The Sapphire September Birthstone Multi-Colored-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Ring-63

Multi-Colored Sapphire Earrings
The Sapphire September Birthstone Multi-Colored-Sapphire-Earrings-79

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