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Friday, May 01, 2015
Traditional Pearls Also Exhibit Modern Flair
by Chavez Fine Jewelers Inc.
Traditional Pearls Also Exhibit Modern Flair  Pearls1-5Natural pearls are not necessarily round and white. In fact, some of the most highly sought and extravagantly expensive pearls in the world today are more oval in shape and range in color from ivory to golden. Other stunning varieties are pink or lavender, charcoal, deep blue or black.

Natural pearls, however, made into rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings, will always bring delight to those who are lucky enough to own them.

There are many traditions surrounding pearls and many stories about their protective powers. Some believe that pearls take on the essence of the wearer. Medieval knights carried pearls into battle. Today, pearls are popular gifts for a bride-to-be, and strands of perfect pearls are often considered family heirlooms. Royalty and pearls have been associated throughout history and wearing pearls has always been considered a conservative choice.

Fashionable and Fun

Traditional Pearls Also Exhibit Modern Flair  Pearls2-36For a new generation of pearl lovers, however, pearls are meant to be combined with other stones, fashioned into fun and funky jewelry, and worn as commonly with casual clothes as with cocktail dresses. Traditionally a gift item, pearl jewelry is today frequently selected by a woman for herself to reflect her sense of style, whether classic, trendy, or even outdoorsy.

A perfectly matched single strand of natural pearls still represents a substantial financial investment, but that is part of the jewelry's appeal. Quality cultured pearls are pricey, as well. More affordable are some of the fresh-water varieties; they also offer more variety in size, color, shape and design. Multi-colored strands of large pearls are an appealing alternative to the classic look. Black or Tahitian pearls also vary in color, quality and cost, and have become stylish accessories for fashion-conscious buyers. When set in silver, these dark pearls make a stunning statement. The casual look might call for large-scale pearl jewelry or "imperfect" pearls combined with other stones on a cuff bracelet.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Traditional Pearls Also Exhibit Modern Flair  Pearls3-3With so many options, choosing a suitable piece of pearl jewelry can be a daunting decision. Chavez Fine Jewelers in New Mexico is a perfect resource. We carry some of the world's most innovative designs produced by Imperial Pearls, and we offer a dazzling array of choices. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the perfect piece.

Whether you want that classic, romantic strand of white pearls or would rather make a fashion-forward statement, we will point you in the right direction. At our Taos showroom, you will find jewelry in line with your preferences and your budget.

Imperial's Off the Cuff line includes wearable and playful bracelets that mix pearls and other stones for an updated and affordable look. Pearl Exotics incorporate Baroque Pearls, each with a unique character, into one-of-a-kind pieces suitable for any stylish woman. The Pearl Accents Collection and Vintage795 Designs by Imperial represent the best of fine pearls woven into contemporary, wearable works of art. Much of the jewelry features diamonds and colored gemstones fashioned with 14- or 18-carat gold.

We also recommend the "Add-a-Pearl" program if you want to begin a family tradition, perhaps for a Quinceanera celebration or a "Sweet Sixteen" birthday. Consider gifting a daughter or goddaughter with a simple chain of three or four pearls; then add a pearl for every special occasion until the strand is completely filled. What a wonderful tradition that would be!

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