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Thursday, June 01, 2017
Oh So Feminine, the Pearl is June's Birthstone
by Chavez Fine Jewelers Inc.
Oh So Feminine, the Pearl is Junes Birthstone The modern birthstone for the month of June is pearl. While most gemstones are mined within the Earth, pearls are formed inside a living creature--the mollusk. Certain species of freshwater or salt water mollusks such as oysters, mussels and clams produce the organic gem. When a foreign substance lodges inside the mollusk's shell, it irritates the soft internal tissues. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk secretes a pearl sac to coat the irritant. Over years, layer upon layer of nacre creates the world's most feminine gem, the pearl. The longer it stays inside the shell, the larger it becomes as more nacre layers are deposited

Natural pearls randomly occur in the wild without human aid. Most pearls found in the market today are cultivated in oyster farms. With the help of a skilled technician, a bead nucleus is surgically implanted in the mollusk's gonad where the pearl is grown.

Oh So Feminine, the Pearl is Junes Birthstone Rich in history, pearls have been cherished by many cultures throughout the ages. Myths and lore associated with the origin of pearl vary across different traditions. According to ancient Chinese, pearls came from the brains of dragons while Greeks thought they were hardened tears of the Goddess of love. Other Asian myths explained that pearls were dewdrops from heaven that fell into the sea and swallowed by oysters. The Romans considered them a sacred gem to Venus and the moon goddess Diana.

Traditionally, pearls are known to represent modesty, purity, faithfulness, loyalty and wisdom. When worn as an amulet, the lustrous gem is said to help in enhancing one's creativity, provide its wearer calmness and a sense of focus. In the aspect of gem therapy, they were thought to cure heart and stomach related problems and often used to treat mental sickness as well.

Oh So Feminine, the Pearl is Junes Birthstone Pearls, with their distinctive iridescence, continued to be popular for jewelry and fashion accessories. Varying in colors from cream, pink, blue, yellow, to black and almost every hue in between, pearls also occur in a wide array of shapes and sizes. With such extensive options, makes a great gift for birthdays, graduation and even as bridal accessory. It is the gem that is given on the 3rd, 12th and 30th wedding anniversaries.

At Chavez Fine Jewelers, we take pride in offering you a gorgeous collection of pearl jewelry from strand pearl necklaces and bracelets, to pendants, earrings and rings. Endowed with incomparable luster, our pearl jewelry is so feminine and elegant that looks stunning in casual to evening dresses and suits every occasion.

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