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October 2017
October's Opal is a Spectacular Play of Color
September 2017
September's Birthstone is the Dazzling Blue Sapphire
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December 2014
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November 2014
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October 2014
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September 2014
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February 2014
February’s Birthstone is Amethyst
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January's Birthstone is Garnet
December 2013
December's Birthstone is Turquoise
November 2013
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October 2013
October's Birthstone is Opal, A Gem That Has Inspired for Ages
September 2013
The Sapphire September Birthstone
July 2013
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June 2013
June Birthstone - Pearl
May 2013
May Birthstone - Emerald
April 2013
April Birthstone - Diamond
March 2013
March Birthstone - Aquamarine
February 2013
February Birthstone - Amethyst
January 2013
January Birthstone - Garnet
December 2012
December Birthstone- Blue Topaz
November 2012
November Birthstone - Citrine

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017
October's Opal is a Spectacular Play of Color
by Chavez Fine Jewelers Inc.
The word for opal, October’s birthstone, is derived from the Latin "opalus" and the Sanskrit "upala" which both mean "precious stone." This definition is borne out of opal's exquisite and unique "play of color," created by silicone spheres and water which bend the light. Each gem displays an array of different colors and each array reveals a different ingredient. Gas bubbles cause some opals to appear a pearly white. Various shades of red and yellow are created by iron oxides. Organic carbon creates some of the most stunning color combinations, causing black opals to shine in breathtaking flashes of red, blue, and green. Its beauty is enhanced when set against darker minerals like obsidian. This "play of color" has attracted wearers for centuries.

In Ancient Greece, people wore opal pendants and opal rings because they believed it gave the wearer the gift of foresight. Ancient Romans wore opal jewelry because they believed opals brought hope and purity to the wearer.

Legend has it that Cleopatra wore opal jewelry and even had her room decorated in opals the night she and Mark Antony began their love affair. Years later, after Nonius, a Roman senator, showed his jewelry collection to Mark Antony, Antony was immediately drawn to an opal ring which reminded him of Cleopatra. Antony demanded that Nonius sell Antony the opals. Nonius refused and Antony threatened Nonius with execution. Rather than give up the opal ring, Nonius opted to flee the city he governed, leaving all of his possessions behind except for the opal ring.

Opal, this "precious stone," has been loved by both the rich and common for centuries. October's birthstone, with its breathtaking and unique "play of color", can be yours as well. Simply call us to make an appointment or stop in and our helpful staff will help you choose your perfect precious stone.

Friday, September 01, 2017
September's Birthstone is the Dazzling Blue Sapphire
by Chavez Fine Jewelers Inc.
Septembers Birthstone is the Dazzling Blue Sapphire Today sapphire is September's birthstone. Before it was a birthstone, sapphire jewelry was worn not only for its gorgeous blue tone, but for its divine connections. In both the Ancient world and later in the Christian world, the sapphire's airy and flawless blue tone had associated sapphire jewelry with the heavens.

All over the Ancient World, people who could afford it donned sapphire necklaces and sapphire rings in order to feel closer to the gods. Depending on the area, some wearers believed their sapphire jewelry allowed them special attention from the gods. Other wearers believed their sapphire jewelry protected them from plotting enemies.

Septembers Birthstone is the Dazzling Blue Sapphire During the Middle Ages, people wore sapphire jewelry because they thought the blue stone could get them more blessings from God. Royalty wore sapphire necklaces and sapphire rings to reinforce their authority by cementing their own believed connection to God. Complete sets of sapphire jewelry, which included sapphire earrings, necklaces, and rings, were at times used as a kind of foreign policy; the royalty of one country would sometimes give a set to another country in order to avoid going to war.

Today as September's birthstone, sapphire jewelry is a thoughtful and welcomed gift to anyone born this month. And because sapphire is one of the hardest gems, it has become synonymous with fidelity. Due to this, sapphire rings are sometimes now given as engagement rings. The most famous sapphire engagement ring given is probably the one given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana.